We're made of star stuff, Carl Sagan liked to point out. Something of those space-faring radiant giants exists in us on the smallest of scales. Every time I point my camera to the natural world I'm reminded that we exist in a nature intimately connected. The large is in the small; the minuscule references gigantic structure. Each part contributes to the whole and the whole can be experienced in the parts. Clouds float like jellyfish. Desert landscapes mimic strange lifeless moons. Twisted branches transform into bundled veins. A sea holly flower blooms as an exotic galaxy. Over and over, moving inward and outward, the environment we are part of has this way of continually referencing and transcending itself.

My photographic work is rooted in this interconnectedness. I seek to record and construct the sublime and otherworldly I find in the microcosm of nature. Conveying the emotional resonance and wonder in what I see is integral to this work. The process becomes spiritual practice, and I’ve come to realize it’s a necessity for me. It’s a need to always maintain an awareness that despite daily human life being fraught with struggle, grief, anxiety and mountains of monotony, we all carry stellar seeds within our aching and fragile bones. 


In your seeing, your hearing, your talking, your thinking, your moving, you express that which it is which moves the sun and other stars.
— Alan Watts